Thursday, January 29, 2009

Super Bowl - Super Fun

So, Mr. Icing is into technology. We own two ridiculously large televisions (one of which is hanging from our bedroom wall). So, that coupled with his love of football makes us a natural site for the Superbowl party. As you can imagine, it tends to be more popular among his friends than among mine!

This year, I'm particularly happy, because it's probably going to be our last party before Baby Icing arrives. And, it is an easy party to throw. We order lots of pizza and wings, I get together some veggies, dips, baked brie, etc. for the ladies and sodas/beer. Neither Mr. Icing nor I actually drink beer (obviously not now, but I just haven't liked it since college). This year, we are sending everyone home WITH beer :) Happiness all around.

But, my question for you all is - what sorts of dip? I like hummus and guacamole, but I'd love a good recipe for artichoke dip. Also, I've ordered red velvet cupcakes, but want an alternative. Which would you prefer - brownies or chocolate chip cookies? Decisions decisions. But, that's what happens when your team isn't playing...and I'm totally neutral between Pittsburgh and Arizona.

Happy Superbowl


  1. I have a great recipe for spinach dip. Very cheesy and easy to make, plus it tastes really good. Will email it to you....