Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Rockabye Baby

I was apparently not the world's best sleeper as a baby. I really hope Baby Icing is a good sleeper. On the off chance that she isn't, or even if she is, I want a nice comfy place to sit in her room. So, I trekked over to the Grove to Pottery Barn Kids and tried some out.
This above was the the "eco" glider. Tree hugging aside (I have no problem with it), the back of this glider was REALLY short. I'm 5'7", so not spectacularly tall, and Mr. Icing is 6'2", he would not be able to sit in this comfortably.
And this, the "Dream" which was not present in the store, and I couldn't test out. I like the look though...but I think I want to test the glider, cause I'll be spending LOTS of time in it!

This one was nice, but the back was a little hard. You sort of sank in then got trapped with the hard back of the chair. Still, much more comfy than the "green model."

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  1. We liked the best chairs the best. Check them out online, they normally sell in smaller boutiques! They also come in tons of different patterns.