Sunday, January 11, 2009

Public Service Announcement

When I studied abroad in Paris, I lived with the loveliest host family. My French mama even came to my wedding (French Papa does exciting/stressful work as a chemist for the Paris Fire Dept figuring out how fires started/anti terrorism stuff, so he could not get leave). Living in Paris, after a smokey Saturday night at the bars, I would wake up on Sunday morning to find a little paper bag of a plain croissant and a pain au chocolat sitting on a pretty plate, with my place setting left out. It always brightened my morning, and I especially liked eating them at home.
Although there are great bakeries in LA that make decent croissants (Amandine and Susina come to mind), I have a weakness for croissants in my own house. And, that's where Trader Joe's comes in. They make a little box in their freezer section of frozen pain au chocolat. You simply place the little pains on a tray, leave out overnight to defrost and rise, then pop in the oven to bake. Williams Sonoma does the same thing on a larger scale, but 12 croissants is a big commitment, whereas 4 is perfect for this little family! I feel less wasteful if two or one get stale, though they do make a delicious bread pudding. Check them out. I'm posting this because I woke up at 6:30 for no good reason, enjoyed an illicit cup of coffee, and am now thinking about how nice a croissant would be as I work on the nursery ideas!

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