Monday, January 5, 2009

The Answer to My Prayers?

I'm not very organized in my private life. In my work life, I am an attorney, so organization is REQUIRED. My office is pretty neat, I calendar everything, and I'm a compulsive double checker. Unfortunately, that seems to consume all my organizational abilities, leaving VERY limited quantities for my private life. But, since being pregnant, I've gotten gradually more interested in ways of tracking and sorting. Check out for great options - this brand also makes binders for life in general. I also found some other adorable stuff that seems like it would really help me stay organized! The Kate Spade organizer I own in green and LOVE it. It holds up really well to being jounced around in purses all the time.
I think I'm getting the medical book to track Baby's appointments/shots, etc, and I should probably do the same for myself and DH. Who will either push me over the edge into total chaos, or help me shape up.

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