Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Again With The Things Pregnant People Like

I am a chocoholic. It runs in my mother's family, as all of my Nana's five children, and all the grandchildren (regardless of the other families we marry into) LOVE Chocolate. And, for me, it's the darker the better. This is my favorite. You can buy it at Trader Joe's, and it is great for everything - baking in brownies, eating on its own, or crushing and sprinkling over vanilla ice cream. I hope Baby will like chocolate, and considering how much I enjoy it right now, I think the odds are good :). I've even got my husband liking it much more these days! I don't think I can justify it as a pregnancy craving, because I've always loved it. One of my favorite snacks as a little girl was "chochit bits" (chocolate bits).
Woolly socks with my tall boots. I feel like my cat in the above picture in non-maternity tights these days, but I haven't found any maternity tights that work. So, it's been the tall boots and wool socks for these last few chilly days. Any recommendations on maternity tights? It doesn't get too cold in LA, but a girl needs something! Despite being from Boston, I run cold year round, and I really need some! (and this was a way to gratuitously show again one of my kitties).

I LOVE this salad. Please don't ask me why, it's not fancy, and it's not difficult, but it's the perfect mix of salty, sweet, savory and what ever flavor lettuce is. I dump salad from the bag with dried sweetened cranberries, roasted pecans, goat cheese (or whatever sort of cheese is around, but I'm really into the goat cheese) and then add a home made vinaigrette made with really nice olive oil. Honestly, I wasn't a huge salad person outside of summer prior to pregnancy. Now, I think they taste so good


  1. I have not tried maternity tights, but I can tell you that I wear Wal Mart tights almost every other day. I am pretty sure it is the George brand. They have a matte style that does not fade when stretched. (I hate it when they look sheer in some spots...) Anyway, I just bought a size larger than what I would normally wear and they have been great. I even wash them in the washing machine.

  2. Oh neat! I'm going to check them out online. Unfortunately, living in LA means that Walmart is a trek. I actually found that thigh highs work pretty well - DKNY makes some that stay comfy and don't dig. But, they don't solve the problem of cold days!