Monday, January 19, 2009

More Announcements

I discovered Reaves Engraving a few months ago from some wedding blogs. At the time, I was looking for some pretty engraved stationary (don't ask me why, but I love hanging onto the engraving plate from my wedding, and now this!). They do lovely work very timely (complete with that cute Southern accent). Plus, their prices are very reasonable for engraving - I am generally a straight up Crane's girl - being from Mass, you have to be! Reaves will do engraving on Crane's stationary...and it's beautiful!

So, I was poking around their website, when I learned that they also do baby announcements! And, if you send in your address list in advance, they can do the calligraphy. You can also order the announcements but not call to finalize until after baby is born (which gets around my superstitions, but also allows for a little more organization). I'm in love with the correspondence cards I ordered, and think I'll like their baby announcements too! What do you think? Obviously, I would request pink bows on the second option!

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  1. Cute announcements. Have you checked out TinyPrints? I think I am going to order ours there.