Thursday, January 15, 2009

Books for Babies

I got this adorable book all about baby food for Christmas. It seems like it would be fun to make, and like it might taste good. Then I discovered that Williams Sonoma sells the most adorable little machine to cook/puree it in.

Has anyone purchased and used the machine? Did you think it was easy to use? And, did you think making your own food was worth it?


  1. I have not tried the Williams Sonoma device, but I plan on making some of my own baby food. It seems like it cant be too hard... Plus, you can make a lot at a time and freeze it in individual portions. Have you seen those? They are like silicone ice cube trays.

  2. Honestly, you will be lucky to have time to shower and eat. I was never able to have time to do that, but, what I did do was puree (using food processor or blender or chopper) and veggie leftovers. Just be sure there isn't salt or seasonings in it. Best wishes to you.