Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Even More Things Pregnant People Like

Here are some goodies I got (hopefully the LAST order of maternity clothing, other than stuff for the home stretch when I am lying on the couch like a beached whale). Gap Maternity makes the most lovely and soft long sleeved tee shirts - I got this in yellow and lilac, and highly recommend it.

Babies need lots of calcium, and so do pregnant mamas. That said, I don't really like all sorts of yogurt. This Greek yogurt is thick, delicious and creamy. It's plain, so you can add your own frozen fruit or honey. It also has a lot of protein. I love it, and will even brave the dreaded Trader Joe's parking lot to pick it up. I think most Whole Foods carry it too - I've never seen a Trader Joe's in any city with decent parking!

This cotton and wool blend dress from Gap Maternity. Super comfy, and really cute for work. I'd even wear it on date night or out to brunch with friends. And, right now it is on sale for $24.00. Recommended!

I've only bought one pair of maternity jeans. These Seven for All Mankind from A Pea in the Pod. They are a nice dark wash, flattering, and incredibly comfy to wear. I bought them at about week 14, and didn't really wear them until week 20/21, but have been wearing them all weekend every weekend since! I did buy two sizes up, so they have been a little big and droopy. That said, I think I'll be able to wear them to the bitter end and probably afterwards! They are on sale right now, so you might want to pick up a pair.

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